Our Last Days on Tour

Cafe Locked Out and the Deplorables


People are asking how we feel and what’s next, but we have been all around the country interviewing people everywhere, most of whom are very concerned about the future of our culture, despite many people claiming everything has gone back to normal. So to return to Canberra and find the AFP police assaulting mature woman, Grandmothers who are here fighting for the liberty of their Grandchildren, reignites the lingering fire in our souls. There is large section of our community who we no longer understand. They stay quiet as unconscionable things happen. They seem to have no lines in the sand called enough is enough, and are content to be spectators as everything good about our country burns. So today and tomorrow we are heading home with quiet hearts and are wondering if we are returning home or to a trench. Out there somewhere, or inside, or both, there is a God of Good, and he is our backer and our guide, and the reason we know this, is because the strength and beauty and the nobility of the Australian people we have met have both restored and cemented our faith. They are all beacons of hope, each defending what is under siege, our cultures Spirit, and not only is that worth fighting for, it’s worth dying for, which is why in the end we will win, and why for us coming home is not our journey’s end. Michael Gray Griffith, Wendy Ross & Kret Zygadlo ~The Deplorables SONG Moving On, by Matty Rogers