The Forest of The Fallen

Cafe Lockced Out

Dedicated to those trolls attacking the Forest

If you are not moved by this, then I pray for you that one day fear will release its grip of your heart. For these people aren’t anti vaxxers, these people took it for a variety of reasons, and because the fact that they were injured disrupts the narrative, they are as ostracised as the unjabbed, those who survived at least.

Even now, people are so scared of being labelled one of us, that they won't publicly disclose that they or their loved ones were injured or worse by the shite. Many who are dying from it aren’t even afforded the grace of dying in their truth. This is a travesty of love.

But if you attack it, then I weep for you, for you have been led so far astray by the propaganda of fear and hate, that I can't even comprehend how utterly lost you will soon feel, when, after days of pouring out scorn and hate, you finally switch off your device and find that real you is so isolated, that you can no longer see, even in the dark distance, the light of humanity.

In an era of Big Pig’s censorship, The Forest of The Fallen is such a light. Planted by those you outcast, for we believe that these people, your people have earned the right to speak their truth, even if it’s in silence. And it is a truth that they wanted you to see, for they submitted their stories themselves or for their lost loved ones.

So can you see them?

Because if you can’t, well pause and look inward, for that ache inside is the compass in your soul, tirelessly pointing to the truth.


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