The reason the bible has been cast aside is because the rulers of evil (parasites) have set their task on, and have almost succeeded in doing so.

Chuck Missler identified the the corrupters in this one minute clipping


Who corrupted God's word? Chuck Missler

Another witness to this is very in depth on the doctrinal difference the changes make.

This is the same pattern to everything they do.

Another one minute clipping but for more on the effects these changes make, wind the timer back or just watch the rest of this.


Changing the word WV

This short video tells of the heptadic patterns found in the bible.

Chuck Missler sevens in the bible.


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The devil is a liar, he gets in ears and twists minds, then, they make up in their dreams, things that never happened. THEY even believe their own lies.

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Say hello to Frances for me. Long time no see!

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