In my opinion & from my own personal experience. The Privately owned Aged Care Facilities operating in Australia, care more & only about their Financial profits than the overall Care of the Individual. I have seen the detrimental impacts, Medication alone has on an Individual. The Big Pharma industry in Australia has been grooming Drs & Specialists for years. This Event that we are witnessing was always planned. Australian's have endured so much Hardship over the years. Health is the greatest Wealth. Big Pharma need to be held accountable. Their has been Chemical restraint used in Aged Care Facilities for many years. The Commonwealth Aged Care Complaints Commission would have hundreds perhaps thousands of complaints from Australian's Nationwide concerned about the adverse reactions, Health Risks, Hazards & Dangers of Medication. And how it Changes the Whole Health of the Individual. Particularly, the anti psychotic medication being used as part of management of someone with Alzhiemers Disease? I personally, would like to see a Purge in the Aged Care system in Australia. If you Work in an Aged Care Facility, know someone who does. Or worse, have a Loved One in Care, you are going to know the Truth. I'm not surprised by the Rates of Deaths disclosed. I am still Shocked as to how the Drs & Specialists & Staff & Management are being complicit in a system which in my opinion remains hidden & protected from the Australian Public ever knowing. The Root of Evil is the Pharmaceutical industries.

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I have a friend that has worked in a Nursing home for over 20 years, she told me after the residents were vaccinated they had 15 die in 14 days. She said she had never seen that ever before in her career. She has now left and found another job as she refused the 3rd booster.

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This is murder on a large scale, Doctors are participating in this, I personally have lost all faith in doctors, I think of them as lower class professional poison pushers, not mush better then a drug pusher. They have a university degree you would think they know better, but NO they have lost the human touch.

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Saddens me so much.

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Jun 6, 2022·edited Jun 6, 2022

Dr's are murderers with a licence to do so fully backed by the evil controllers...

Once I learned of all the aged dying in Melbourne mid/late 2020 I thought it was re the fact most don't do technology, so no phone etc to trace and track...

Also most of the elderly owning property likely have paper property deeds opposed to the new electronic versions, also those many without family and or wills so the govi n lawyer's are lapping it all up... So obviously brings the great reset a tad easier for them...

Covid is a crock... frequency weaponry is what is killing us... we've been sold on the telecommunication devices for decades, however this system is our greatest threat globally!!!

This technology needs to be taken over if not defuncting their power generating sources globally including the solar and wind like farms if we want to survive...

Ivermectin and the other drugs banned are antiparasitic...

The evil controllers have been infecting people globally for decades, hence Lyme LIKE disease number's off the charts GLOBALLY... ALL being ignored, denied further testing and or treatment and put on the CrAzY train...

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This is very sad, sadly I remember reading that deaths in UK care homes were increasing after the jab, there was also mention by several scientists that big tech and the msm have been censoring of a thing called Pathogenic Priming, something that had been linked to the Pfizer jab in their trials, and there was a video by Robert Kennedy Jr that youtube have since taken down, apparently it violated their terms of service, there was also a study on it that was posted on https://ncbi.nlm.nih.gov , which strangely I can no longer access, it comes up with the advice that "this site can't be reached", fortunately I did screen dump the relevant text from that study, which I would be happy to forward to you if anyone wanted to see it, there is still a story about Pathogenic Priming in older adults at https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/pfizer-covid-vaccine-trial-pathogenic-priming/ it's a very good article on the subject if anyone wants to read it

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