Mar 21 • 1HR 38M

Sharon Cousins Returns with more Devastatingly Explosive Data.

Cafe Locked Out

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Cafe Locked Out
Constance Banks
Dr Denes C Borsos
Dr Paul Oosterhuis
Defending Free Speech by Refusing to be Silent.
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Warning, this amount of truth can be arduous to hear.

Sharon though is a true fighter for truth, working with a dedicated group of doggedly determined researchers they have uncovered numerous facts that, placed together, hold up a troubling mirror to our medical establishment, all culminating in one question, "Who do they ultimately serve now, us or, compromised by a love of status and money and cult like faith, another master?"

Hi Michael

This is the history and research I mentioned about aborted foetal tissue cells used in vaccines. Alltached lost shows the yellow and red list.

Links are:

The 3 month gestation baby girl (foetal lung tissues - cells) was from a family 1961 in Sweden not Netherlands - sorry for my error. The foetus boy did come from UK mother - 3 mths gestation lung tissues - from 1966. See below history and attachments.

Sharon Cousins

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