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Beautifully said. It touched my heart. I think we all have a little more faith and love than we had before.

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the biggest, most beautiful thing about this rising tyranny is the deep connection it has engendered in so many sweet souls ♡

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The actions of Victorian police shooting and bashing the public will never be forgotten. Dan Andrews is a monster.

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I have really enjoyed Cafe Locked Out, your support for every single story of every single person willing to stand beside you. I will be joining the Free Hug Army next week.

I have come to the realization that I need a new occupation and that occupation needs to be something that will help people. I have grown sick of sales however my experience there has taught me a great deal about people.

You all inspire me to be better than I am and far better than I have been by reaching out to others that are less fortunate than myself. I’ve always strived to help others at every opportunity if I had the means and now I have nothing but time in which to do that.

Thank you for your inspiration!

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