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Pondering the question “where are all the men”. One may say ,”be careful what you ask for.” Being a man, spiritual being on this journey of life I may ask the same. Then, I consider, ‘what if I, [the MAN] I was in the past stepped out”! Things would be very different. Those who think they are in power may find themselves seriously challenged. Old school, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth! And then, GOD help them if they came near my family. Is this what the world needs. I think not. Love and compassion is the agenda of the NOW, old school had its day, and showed us this never ends. We see the future, feel the future, and it is Love and Compassion….. I ask, [my GOD felt inner self] who best serves Love and Compassion, men or women. Easy answer do you think. Therefore, ‘where are all the men’ learning from our teachers. You may ask learning what, “Love and Compassion!!

Love to all served with a side of Compassion..

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