May 17 • 4M

HER Body, OUR Choice.

Cafe Locked Out Podcast

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Defending Free Speech by Refusing to be Silent.
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If I have to take it, I’ll take it, but they are not touching my daughter.

Before the mandates she had been working in retail. Now she hasn’t worked since December. It’s mid-May.

Darwin is expensive and the dole is nowhere near enough. With few jobs on offer for the unvaccinated, she has only a few options. Move interstate, despite Darwin being her home, start her own business, without money, for her savings are almost gone, or give in and take the jab.

It was a Ted Talk with Bill Gates that saw her become suspicious. He was talking about population control and vaccines. It saw her wander off down our crowded rabbit holes until she reached here, where she was talking to me about working her way up to complying.

She doesn’t want to do it.

“It’s rape,” she said. “That’s what it is. It’s rape.”

And as she said this I wondered to what had happened to all those who had passionately pushed “My Body My Choice,” for decades.

It used to be a poster on the sides of buses. It used to be woven into our vernacular, and we liked it being there, because from a sovereignty perspective it made sacred sense.

Now it is like a gutted nursery rhyme from a forgotten war, sung only by those people, especially women, who do not want to be vaccinated.

These women are now called selfish. Outcast, not just from employment but from friends and families.

Their pride and integrity, their determination to hold onto their freedom to choose what goes into their bodies, economically besieged until we, as a society, now ruled by fear, coerce and insult them, until, once we have broken them into conceding, we silently rape them.

We are all rapists now. And you know it.

And for all of our good intentions, for all the accolades we give ourselves  and our democracy, we have de-volved into a choir of condescending crows, watching from the sidelines as we wait for this young mum to give up her principles, and do what we tell her. Even though we all now know that the products don’t work as they are supposed to, and instead they could hurt her or worse. Then, to finish the job, we slap her in the face by telling her, it was your choice.

Then, astoundingly, because of political desperation in the midterm elections in the USA, they are challenging Roe vs Wade and oh look what they’ve dragged out and brushed off. Your body, Your choice.

But look at me, trying to make you out there, care. If she was a nurse, or a doctor, you wouldn’t lift a finger to help, so why would I even bother to hope that you would care for a young mum who used to work in retail?

That said, if there is anyone in Darwin who does have a job they could offer her, unjabbed, please contact us at

Michael Gray Griffith