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The Darwin Health Professional Speaks the truth

The Darwin Health Professional Speaks the truth

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We’ve been interview a lot of people up here, but this woman works in the belly of the beast.

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The Deplorables Epic Road Trip

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Second Leg: Perth to Mount Isa

"I'm no longer a writer, I'm now a historian capturing a history they are already trying to erase."

~Michael Gray Griffith

The first leg of the tour, from Melbourne to Perth was focused on seeding the hope of Epic in communities around Australia. The method was simple. We'd announce   when

 we were to arrive in the next town and once there, we'd join a gathering of likeminded people, or those who were just curious and we would invite people from the gathering to be guests.

Separate to this I would also record individual interviews.   

This we will continue to do, and not only to document the stories of those Australians the main stream media ignores, but to use their voices to spread hope and courage.

Basically we are in recruitment. We are trying to motivate people to fight for decency, fairness, empathy and freedom.   

The question we’re interested in over and above their own stories is, as a community, where are we now? Where are we going? Do we have to go there or are there other options? Options with more freedom.

On this first  leg of the journey we quickly discovered that our country is occupied. Silenced by fear, and yet amongst this occupying silence we are uncovering passionate pockets of resistance. People who are busy getting organised. They are sharing ideas, trying to motivate people to come back to the marches and basically holding on to, or rather trying to reclaim the line. People who are deeply concerned about the Government's overreach and direction.

We have also been recording carnage. People everywhere who believe they have been injured, to various extents by the vaccines, and or, who have lost their jobs, friends and family due to the mandates.

None of us can recall a time when our community and culture was facing a more challenging period and this period is clearly far from over.
And on top of this there is the great and growing division .

Now we are setting off again, first to Kalgoorlie, then to Esperance then around the Western coast to Darwin and Finally Mount Isa. The last stop on this tour’s second leg.  

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