May 10 • 2M

Children of Epic

Cafe Locked out

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Defending Free Speech by Refusing to be Silent.
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She is sitting in an open-air bath

That she got given and set up next to her tent,

Which is decorated by this string of bulbs,

Illuminating softly all the material that she has left.

But she glows like there’s a sun inside her soul,

Soothing anyone brave enough to see.

She’s a blend of a painting and a poem

Written in a language that I am out here trying to learn.

For above her, our universe is dark

And stretches past our stars to who the hell knows where,

But she supports all of its silent weight

by looking up, from her bath,

And gently smiling as she converses with the birds.

There’s a horse nearby who dances with her,

Like a young lover desperate to impress.

And every morning she walks along Cable Beach

Naked, in what she calls her Church.

And the sun is painting her aging body

On the Alter where she’s been trying to lay her pain,

But those prayers are still waiting to be answered,

In those lines time’s carving into her face.

She’s a refugee from her own people.

She’s a leper and I think’s she might be Jesus too,

For around her the other lepers are dancing

Despite us stripping all their dreams away.

To you they are selfish and deplorable,

But to me inside their dignity and grace

Inside that kindness that they simply won’t discard,

Is all we have left to show our gods,

that despite the cold darkness our cowardice is creating,

This woman and her outcast friends are tonight,

As beautiful as I can imagine

Any flower that bloomed in Eden.

Michael Gray Griffith

For the Broome Resistance Group and all of my Tribe

May 2022