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Dave O'Neegs talks about the Documentary Washed Away

Dave O'Neegs talks about the Documentary Washed Away

Cafe Locked Out

8 years ago I started exposing the weather engineering and the plans of the NWO.
It didn’t take long before people started throwing me under the bus and writing me off.

Life long “old friends” called me conspiracy Dave, the conspiritard, tin hat, crazy Dave, bi polar and the list goes on.

I’d lost my sister Suzy after a long battle with her mental health and PTSD and they said it must run in the family.
They said I was unstable and deranged.

As I kept calling out these agendas, dedicated hate pages started to spring up… people who troll me, my mum Dianne Lees and my fiancé Geo Tselekidis literally 24/7
None of this was surprising because I am outspoken,
but what was surprising was to see the same old “life long friends” join in on the trolling and hate.

These are people I never did anything to personally other than be a great friend.
These are people who knew and were loved by my late sister and father.

These are people my mum cooked for and took care of when we were hung over as teenagers having our first big nights out together.

What was my crime???
My crime was exposing the truth that they just couldn’t handle.
They attack me rather than face the ugly fact that they are living in the blissful ignorance of cognitive dissonance.

Over the last 24 hours we have had a whole new level of attack.
I won’t share too much yet but I will soon.

It’s going to blow some minds as to just how threatened the powers that be really are by what we are doing here in the region.

All of this is only going to wake more and more people up and show them the truth of what is really going on in this country with the so called “authorities.”

Whatever you are doing in these wild times,
all I can say is keep speaking and living your truth, no matter what.

This is a fallen world built on lies and run by liars but making the truth the highest priority in your life is what truly sets you free.
A clear conscience will be yours and clear and open heart will unfold for you.

It’s a work in progress,
but when you practice rigorous honesty in all aspects of your life there are no tracks to cover and no worries that anything is going to come back to bite you.

All of us have corrupted hearts to some degree. That is our lot as humans.
But the more you let the truth and honesty be your guide in life,
the more freedom and joy you will experience…

and for those still caught in the webs of deceit and the frauds of this world,
your truth will make them very, very uncomfortable.

“Woe to those who take authority as the truth,
rather than the truth as their Authority.”

Come clean with yourself.
Come clean with those around you.
Work on eliminating those dark secrets and sneaky little habits in your life.

You are as sick as your secrets.
Bring them to the Light.

Stop doing things you know you shouldn’t behind your partners back.
Clear any debts you have with other people or make a plan to do so.

Come clean with God and tell Him you want to be better.
Tell Him you need His help.

Ignore the haters.
Let them watch and who knows,
maybe they will learn something too.

But most of all,
Seek the truth,
and the truth shall set you free.

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