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Don't Steal My Mother From Me.

Don't Steal My Mother From Me.

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Ammun's story. My mother. 90 year old retired GP has been captured by the guardianship system because of the intervention of a third party (sibling)

Already after Nearly 4 Months I have seen my mother only once while she was briefly hospitalise

She is being socially isolated had no idea that her daughter was applying for guardianship

She has not in 4 months ever been in front of the Tribunal to voice her own opinion that she wants guardianship

Matilda Bowden a social worker and a Kathy Scarborough director of Adelaide Freedom Rally have been in close contact with my mother Kathleen and have their own experiences with guardianship issues

DR Madeleine Wight Huber an Ondtetritian has insights into capacity and the law

How dementia diagnosis are used to strip a person of their rights

Is Ben, the First Kulture Artist, The New Paul Kelly?

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