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Dr Jeanne Rungby a Specialized physician in otorhinolaryngology and Dr Oosterhuis

Dr Jeanne Rungby a Specialized physician in otorhinolaryngology and Dr Oosterhuis

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Dr Jeanne Rungby graduated from the University of Copenhagen with a medical degree in 1993.

I worked in various specialities and wrote some research papers on otoneurology, tonsillectomy and stroke. In 2003 I was granted license to practice as an otorhinolaryngologist. I worked 5 years int ENT university departments In Copenhagen Hospitals. I had my ovn private ENT-clinic for ten years. The last 5 years I worked as a senior consultant surgeon in a private hospital in Copenhagen. Alongside with my job I was an artist, a painter, with many art-exhibitions behind me in Denmark.

The plandemic has changed my life completely. During 2020 and 2021 I realized, that something was rotten in the state of Denmark - and in the world. I felt obliged to “translate” and explain, what I realized, when I started looking into these genetic injections and expose the whole medical scam for the ordinary dane, to understand not to comply and avoid these injections. I lost friends and got new friends. We have been "active civilians” making flyers for informed consent, letters to sports clubs, schools and more. We are starting a Danish Council for Health connected to WCH (founded by Tess Lawrie). Our aim is to make an evaluation of the pandemic with proofs for legal actions. And find a way in to a better future for humans concerning all aspects of health, including art and education.

I decided very recently to go to Thailand, to investigate a possible future there. I decided to start my pension, but at the same time continue my fight from abroad.

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