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KULTURE #11 Name Our Roo

KULTURE #11 Name Our Roo

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RISE In perhaps the biggest rally in Melbourne History, and while most musos were silent, or complying, or participating in the musical event, Vaxthenation, two young men, Paul and Bradley performed this song, Rise. Written by Paul and produced by Bradley, they first sang it on the steps of parliament for the weary freedom fighters. After this, they also participated in an event Cafe Locked Out was organising with a secret catholic group, "Christmas Carols for Everyone," Since Dan Andrews, with the Church's blessing, had banned unvaxxed kids and families from the main Christmas Carol events. We had a lot of people turn up, all of us aware that we could get arrested. We also had a church choir, but someone from high up in the Catholic Church called one of them, and warned them that they could be in a lot of trouble, with the church, if they sang to these children, so with half an hour to go before we meant to start, they left. But instead of cancelling the event, these two young men carried the night, with the help of a new choir, created from people in the crowd . It was a staggeringly, beautiful and spiritual night, and the children loved it. If God was anywhere in Melbourne that night, he was in our crowd, enjoying the beauty that these two young men, as they used their courage, talent, determination and integrity, to unite us all, in hope. Michael Gray Griffith Here they are singing at the rally, than the mainstream media obediently ignored. The video was shot by TrueArrow, a citizen journalist who bravely captured many of the troubles. If you would like to show your appreciation to these young men, you can buy a produced version of the song here. They are Kulture Artists KULTURE; a Community of Liberated Artists creating new work from the front line.

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