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KULTURE #13 & The No Goat Show

KULTURE #13 & The No Goat Show

Cafe Locked Out Podcast

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Join us Sunday at Melbourne time, for a special No Goat Show incorporated with Kulture #13.
Joining us will be all the No Goats, Robyn from Courage is the cure, David Thrussell, Richard Wolstencroft and myself.
We’ll not only have an update on the crazy world, but we’ll find out what the no goats have been up to.
Also check out The Bring Barbara Home Competition here
And if you want to join the growing army of Kulture Artists, Front Line Liberated Artists of Hope.
Send your work here,

What do we mean by KULTURE?
Cafe Locked Out is now on the search for Free Artists.
We want Art inspired by the turbulent Covid Years.
We want to see if your art can help us make sense of our new world, help us find who we are now as Australian’s and where we are going.
We believe that the tsunami of Covid washed away our country’s identity, and now we are searching through the rubble for who we are, for we also believe, that upon our new identity, a deeper, more resilient and nourishing Kulture will blossom.

KULTURE; a Community of Liberated Artists.
The Song is $5.00
$3. goes to the Artist.
$2 to supporting Kulture and Cafe Locked Ou


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