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KULTURE #EP 10 Behold, the Artists' Spring is Dawning

KULTURE #EP 10 Behold, the Artists' Spring is Dawning

Kulture Cafe Locked Out

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Episode 9, caused a stir when people bought over 100 songs in a day at $5.00 a pop.

$3.00 goes to the artist, $2. To Café Locked Out.

To support these artists you can purchase these songs here:

These artist are front line culture warriors of hope, all committed to healing our community and just as importantly they are working together, with gifts, to kick start a renascence by writing entertaining songs about things that matter.

BUT, thanks to the success of Episode 9 we now have to many songs for just one show a week so we will now do two shows a week Wednesday and Sunday.

What we are after is musos, poets, painters and writers, who want to join us.

If you want to know more please contact us at

If you want to hear about the initial idea, Michael’s Kulture speech is here.

What do we mean by KULTURE?

Cafe Locked Out is now on the search for Free Artists.

We want Art inspired by the turbulent Covid Years.

We want to see if your art can help us make sense of our new world, help us find who we are now as Australian’s and where we are going.

We believe that the tsunami of Covid washed away our country’s identity, and now we are searching through the rubble for who we are, for we also believe, that upon our new identity, a deeper, more resilient and nourishing Kulture will blossom.

So spread the word. CLO is after new Songs, poems, art, including AI art and Memes, short films, novels etc, etc.

If you can’t meet us on the road please send your art to