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Ignorance is Great Mate The No Goat Show Ep #82

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I have never seen a cat enjoying a sunset or a horse contemplating a view, maybe they do but I

Have never seen it. So I was coming to think that one of the reasons we are here is that God craved an audience, but then I thought no, craving is a human trait. So what if each life is a gift. Alone we are sent here, each of us hot-wired in to God’s senses; billions of ambassadors hewn from infinite miracles and born wielding God’s powerful, two edged sword, that every slave dreams of holding, Freedom of Choice.

Expect the reality is, around the World most humans have that sword taken away at birth, yet, in Australia we just handed our swords over on the promise from our government that if we did exactly what they said, they will keep us safe.

And so now we’re safe.

This is safe.

We were given the ability to fly and instead we chose the cage, and branded anyone still flying around as selfish,

Ryan Etherington, David Thrussell, Richard D Wolstencroft, Maybe Robyn from Courage is The Cure, and Michael

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