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Kulture Ep19. . . Artistically Where are are we now?

Kulture Ep19. . . Artistically Where are are we now?

Cafe Locked Out

We have new music today, and are on the hunt for other Artists who want to join us as we continue to attempt to create work about issues that matter.

So tonight, at 7pm, we have new music from some of our Kulture Artists, and likeminded Artists from the USA.

A Call To Arts

To be a resistance fighter in Australia now, you don’t have own a gun, or have any explosive training, you just need to have the courage to speak. Too shrug off fear, and not only ignore the trolls, but let them inspire you to help create and or heal our culture. And what a gift that duty and journey is, to be apart of a leadership army whose communal goal is to guide our world towards a healthier environment for humans beings.

I am not a politician, nor a scientist, I am an Artist and that is what we are after now, Artist who want to use their gifts and the contents of their souls to join the fight against fear.

If you have work you’d like to share contact us a

Join The Kulture Army as a Supporter

Every time you buy a song you get 4 things

1: You support a brave artist

2: You support Cafe Locked Out

3: You get to own a great song

4: You get to flip the bird at those who are seeking to control us

Buy his song here

During the lockdowns the churches were locked and when they opened the flock was segregated.

Since then many talk of this being a spiritual war. This song beautifully asks God questions.

KULTURE; a Community of Liberated Artists creating powerful, free work from the front line.

The Song is $5.00

$3. goes to the Artist.

$2 to supporting Kulture and Cafe Locked Out.

Purchase the song here

Cafe Locked Out is an Australian based Free Speech Platform and Defender of Art.

"Art is the soul's self-healing tool, but it can only heal if the artists is free." ~Michael Gray Griffith

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