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The Ballad Of Dr Bruce Paix . . .An Update on a Hero_ _

The Ballad Of Dr Bruce Paix . . .An Update on a Hero_ _

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Bruce was not only an anesthetist, but much of his 32 years on the job had been spent in rescue helicopters. He was the Doctor who dropped out of the sky when you were trying not to drop further. The stranger who joined you in your desperate fight, with his arsenal of skills, a gently disarming wit, and a heart so big that you would see its warmth beating inside his focused eyes.

He’d also volunteered for seven warzones and fought fires as a volunteer for the regional fire services, and more, much more; sucking the marrow out of his time by living on the edge where ironically, most of us would meet him.

But then Covid struck, and he had questions, lots of questions, which he wrote down and sent to his local MP, only to have the MP send the police to his door:

Bruce filmed this and in the video, the police officer tells Paix that his emails “have come to the attention of the police and are drawing attention to you, which you probably don’t need or don’t want.”

Paix called the policeman out on the fact that his visit was politically motivated.

“Just so I understand the purpose of your visit: you’re here to do a firearms-check which is not random, you’re actually doing it in context with the fact that I’m in dispute with my local politician—because you’ve already admitted that to me,” he said.

Bruce has not shaved his beard since being jailed.

The police officer admitted that he was not aware of any criminal offense contained in Paix’s emails.

“As far as I’m aware, no criminal offense has been committed,” he said. “My aim is just to let you know that police are aware of these emails.”

“So, I’m not allowed to have robust discussions with my MP?” Paix asked.

Next, because of the mandates, he lost his job, and so wondering what to do to stall, what he knew was an incoming tsunami of tyranny, he set off for Canberra to join the largest protest the ACT would ever see.

But as most of the protesters set up camp in the carpark of the national library, Bruce would be arrested while on his way to a protest at the airport. The charge? Attempting to run over a man who was setting up a roadblock.

For the next six days Bruce, after being processed and strip searched, would be locked in a tiny isolation cell, cut off completely from his loved ones, and aware that he was being exorcised, by the State from the country that he’d given so much service to.

Ultimately the charges were proved to be false, as too all the police who testified, were proved to be lying, but previous to this, when he was finally released, Bruce ended up on the back of a truck, being driven around the world’s first temporary anti vaxxer city, Epic Park, where he was received there for what we all knew he was, a hero.

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