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KULTURE #11, Where the Trolls Don't Dance.

KULTURE #11, Where the Trolls Don't Dance.

Cafe Locked Out Podcast

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I want to thank everyone for helping making Kulture a success. There are lots of people talking about it and now we might be syndicating to an indie radio station, giving more exposure to our artists.

Also, Ben Antoniadis told me he was in a café on Lygon street, where the owner was so intrigued she started playing our music over the PA.

We also have a New York Artist, Sven, coming on board, and artists from Ireland and Norway sending us their work to be considered.

Tonight too, our first painter, Lynda Horsborough’s great work, Censorship, will go on sale with a limited-edition of numbered t-shirts.

Finally, if we get to it, the Barbara Oneil competition, will go live.

The KULTURE, Liberated Artist Deal.

Every time you buy a song you get 4 things

1: You show your appreciation of a brave artist

2: You support Cafe Locked Out

3: You get to own a great song

4: You get to flip the bird at those who are seeking to control us

Find the songs here

KULTURE; a Community of Liberated Artistic Warriors of Hope, creating powerful, and innovative work from the Cultural front line.

The Songs are $5.00

$3. goes to the Artist.

$2 to supporting Kulture and Cafe Locked Out.

Cafe Locked Out is an Australian based Free Speech Platform and Defender of Art.

"Art is the soul's self-healing tool, but it can only heal if the artists is free."

~Michael Gray Griffith