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Poignant Former AFL Psychologist Richy Bennett Author – Mentor – Speaker

Cafe Locked Out Podcast

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I have been consciously immersed in the nature and nurture of our human psyche for 30+ years

From 1991 to 1999 I completed my university studies and internship to become a registered psychologist and practiced in this capacity until June 2022 when I voluntarily deregistered to free and refine my offerings

My internship was in community mental health in Victoria’s far south west. I was introduced to the western approach of diagnosis and treatment for mental illness, high risk behaviour and alcohol and other drug misuse. At the same time I connected with the local Gunditjmara people and was privileged to sit by the feet of elders who shared their dreamtime and song lines about enriching health and life. Together we co-created Pathways to Best Practice which included culturally harmonious ways to assist Gunditjmara youth to re-connect with country, community and culture for healing and purpose. The program was highly successful and since this magical time the innate wisdom has lovingly informed both my professional practice and my inner work

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