Mar 12 • 1HR 9M

The Eve of Armageddon on The No Goat Show.

Cafe Locked Out Podcast

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Defending Free Speech by Refusing to be Silent.
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In the USA banks are collapsing, and in Europe things are going from bad to worse, so what should we do?

Last night in St Kilda everyone was obliviously partying.

Maybe that's the best course of action; living in the moment as the abattoir trucks head towards our paddocks. They are coming for our dreams and our liberty, leaving us all with the harsh reality that the lucky country is dying, and dying on our watch. We have betrayed our birthright. Ignored our responsibility to our beautiful culture, or rather sold it to fear for the price of a latte.

Now the question is, how, as a community, will we fare in this even greater test that we can't escape. For in the covid exam, we failed all our enshrined values, and then lied about the dire results.