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Interview with the persecuted UK Doctor_ Dr David Cartland

Interview with the persecuted UK Doctor_ Dr David Cartland

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Interview with the persecuted UK Doctor_ Dr David Cartland

Whoever thought that Doctors would be persecuted for living up to their Hippocratic oath.

It’s happened in Australia, Canada and also in the UK.

Tonight, the handsome and about to be cancelled Dr David Cartland will join us live from the UK, to share his journey to here, and discuss his views regarding all our futures

BMedSci Published scientist MBChB MRCGP promoter of pt safety, evidence based medicine, good medical ethics.


When I was heading back to Melbourne, after a few years on the road

collating the stories of over 1600 people, I felt, spiritually, that something

had to change. Then in Gympie I found a man looking at my bus,

Florence, which is covered in images of freedom people. The man’s

name was Jim Scott.


After an amazing response to the first Show we return. Heartfelt quality performances. Loved the show. Awesome script. Wonderful night!
Taylor is a brilliant young photographer with a problem. He can only photograph the truth.
But, since no one wants the truth he’s been hiding in his room.
But now, on the eve of eviction he is being offered 3 different futures by 3 strong women.
His Mother who wants to protect him.
Her friend who wants him to become rich by taking glam shots.
and his crazy Grandmother who wants him to embrace his gift by becoming an independent photojournalist. But we must warn you! Even though this play is incredibly heartwarming and funny, it is not woke!
Now in order to adapt to this era where funding for new theatre has dried up we are initially staging this play in the style of a 1950's radio play.
So if you’re after an affordable great night out with lots of fun and possibly a few tears.


Thursday 29 February 2024 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM (UTC+11)


Get directions

The Lemon Tree ( new owner)
Cnr Mount And Burgundy Street,, Heidelberg Victoria 3084


KULTURE continued.

Unjabbed, Jim knew nothing about our tribe and his own people were all

pro narrative so he had, for several years, been living like a leper,

thinking he was utterly alone. When I informed him he wasn’t, he broke


Following that he played me some songs that he’d been writing to stay

sane. Not one of his people liked them, and on youtube they’d only had 

a few likes.

But the songs were incredible, and after filming him singing The Crime,

on the side of Lake Liddle, I posted it on twitter and within a week it’d

had over 400K views.

I felt like I had been given a lost soul to help, a lost soul with a gift that

had the power to heal.

It was then I decided to set up Kulture, a community of Liberated, Artistic

Frontline fighters of hope. 

Then Jim left.

Our last conversation was on the phone, where I told him greatness is

not a destiny, it’s a choice, and even deciding to strive to be great was

greatness in itself. Currently humanity was under attack, I told him, and

the Meek can’t save us, what we need is an army of greatness.

He was sobbing as I told him this, and then he was gone.


So, with not one single artist in my stable, I returned to Melbourne,

and with homelessness in my rearview mirror, I put out the call and other

artists answered.    

I started doing a Kulture show every Sunday night but on the ninth show,

I had figured out how to sell their work. 

I had already learned that youtube and spotify rip the artists off; using

their content to make themselves rich and offering little to nothing in


I was also aware that we had scarcity;  A troupe of musos, painters and

playwrights willing to put their careers in danger so that their souls could

create freely. For you see, Art is the soul's self-healing tool, but it only

works if the artist is free.

I now bookend our interviews with the songs of our Kulture Artists,

offering them a chance of reaching other markets.

We sell the songs for $5.00 each. $3.00 for the artist, $2.00 to Café

Locked Out/Kulture. 

Numerous people in the music industry said no one would pay $5.00 for

a song but we proved them wrong when in the first day after show #9 we

sold over 100 songs. 

Since then several of the Kulture artists have told me they have made

more money in that first week of Kulture than they had ever made with

the other streaming services.

Now we are preparing albums, merch and live shows, and we are

determined to pay our artists as we have been, so that out there, those

artists who are dying to create pieces about things that matter, might be

inspired to join us.

I’m also hoping that our Tribes will stop using the songs of artists who

don’t like us and support our own artists instead. 

What Kulture is also doing, is showing that our Tribe, under duress, has

started creating our own culture. This is something to be proud of, and

we have earned that right.

To check out the work go to

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